Controlling Laser Ranging with RTAI-based Real-Time Linux

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RTAI is an real time extension of the vanilla Linux kernel, allowing hard real time. After the patch is applied, it runs as a second kernel alongside the regular ...

Excel4apps is a best-in-class provider of Microsoft Excel-based reporting and data-loading software for use with SAP. By empowering business professionals with

Minimum cycle time analysis of Ethernet-based real-time protocols J er emy Robert, Jean-Philippe Georges, Eric Rondeau, Thierry Divoux To cite this version:

LINUX AND REAL-TIME JAVA FOR IOT Randy Rorden Software Development Director, PTC Inc. ... PTC Perc Real-Time Java Eclipse Concierge OSGi PI es ol l l dmin ole. 21

Agenda Mission: Build lightweight real-time environments for Linux/ARM Review of existing technologies RTMux: Resource-Multiplexing Real-time Executive

Integrating Linux and the real-time ERIKA OS through the Xen hypervisor Arianna Avanzini Evidence Srl | University of Modena and Reggio Emilia October 15, 2014

What is Real Time Linux? Simply put it is a series of patches, features and updates to the vanilla Linux kernel to make it behave more like an

The Real-Time Application Interface provides Hard ... Built on top of RTAI, the LXRT module provides for seamless integration of normal Linux processes

1 DIAPM RTAI for Linux: WHYs, WHATs and HOWs Real Time Linux Workshop, Vienna University of Technology, Dec. 1999 Paolo Mantegazza Dipartimento di Ingegneria Aerospaziale

C5 and Linux are coupled with efficient communication services (~ virtual bus) One-way communication channels Asynchronous Reliable Message based.

to streaming data on Lin ux clusters Beth Plale 1, George T urner 2 and ... to the IU campus net w ... and a RAID-5 le system NFS serv ed in

Running Real Time Distributed Simulations under Linux and CERTI Bruno d’Ausbourg Pierre Siron Eric Noulard ONERA/DTIM 2 avenue E. Belin 31055 Toulouse Cedex

Real-time Detection of Dynamic Obstacle Using Laser Radar Baifan ... The conversion from the scan pose to ... (or free) region. The cell C3 is black in Mt-1, Mt ...

la fusion est détecté par une chute de la puissance laser réfléchie. Cette diminution de réflectivité est directement reliée à la taille du bain liquide.

Mini-projet sous Linux/RTAI ... Le système Linux dispose en standard de processus dit temps-réel . ... Afin d'introduire la notion de système temps réel, ...

Jacek Dabrowski, Marcin Kulawiak, Marek Moszynski, Krzysztof Bruniecki, Lukasz Kaminski, Andrzej Chybicki, and Andrzej Stepnowski. The problem of efficient methods of ...

ORIGINAL ARTICLE Real-time PCR-based quantification of Eimeria genomes: a method to outweigh underestimation of genome numbers due to PCR inhibition

Parasitologie-Mycologie, Institut de Biologie, CHU de Nantes, 44093 Nantes, France ... mount and following a Bailenger’s biphasic concentration method ...

Gsm-Gps Based Real Time Tracking System ... take only one instruction cycle except for program branches which take two cycles. 16F877 comes with

Real time correlation-based stereo: algorithm, implementations and applications ... Zhengyou Zhang - Pascal Fua - Eric The´ron ... r aliser le calcul d une carte d in Abstract This article presents a pilot study on the real-time control of an articulatory synthesizer based on deep neural network (DNN),

collection of pre-rendered images. ... captures the N • L term and the other that has per-pixel sur- ... We treat the object’s per-pixel surface color as

Real-time vision-based microassembly of 3D MEMS. Brahim Tamadazte, Thomas Arnould, Sounkalo Demb el e, Nadine Le Fort - Piat, Eric Marchand To cite this version:

CMSIS Real Time Operating System (Based on Keil RTX) References: ... #include <cmsis_os.h> // CMSIS RTOS header file.

EUROGRAPHICS ’98 / N. Ferreira and M. G¨obel (Guest Editors) Volume 17 ,(1998), Number 3 Real-time Biomechanically-based Muscle Volume Deformation using FEM

theless, these methods have some limitations that have been partially addressed by the Contourlet Transform (CT) [2], which our video encoding algorithm is based on.

Real-Time Timbral Transformation: FFT-based Resynthesis Zack Settel & Cort Lippe IRCAM, 1 place Stravinsky, ... "FFT-based Resynthesis" Zack Settel & Cort Lippe

analysis is generally based on classical digital signal processing (DSP), wavelet transform, ... aVL and aVF) and the six precordial leads (V1, V2, V3, V4, V5

List of Figuresv List of Tablesvi 1 ... Event-driven architectural styles, are styles in which software components com- ... and nally the action de nes the operations

OpenCV Based Real-Time Video Processing Using Android Smartphone Ammar Anuar, Khairul Muzzammil Saipullah, Nurul Atiqah Ismail, Yewguan Soo . ISSN 2249-6343

Porous Silicon Based Protocol for the Rapid and Real ... occurs by the immobilization of IgG ... In situ monitoring of the activity of protease enzymes ...

MODEL DRIVEN ARCHITECTURE BASED REAL-TIME ENTERPRISE INFORMATION INTEGRATION An approach and impact on businesses Vikas S. Shah Advanced Technologies Group, Global ...

Patterns-based Real-Time Data Warehouse Architecture Djillali Nora LRDSI Laboratory- dept. Science Computer Blida University (Algeria)

Real-Time GPS/GPRS Based Vehicle Tracking System Mohammed Baqer M. Kamel University of Qadisiya , Diwaniya, Iraq

Object Based Real Time Lossless Video Compression 1Balwinder Singh , 2 Preeti Markan, 3Ruchika Jerath 1 Assistant Prof. ... [3 ] Tarek Ouni, Walid Ayedi, ...

Embracing uncertainty: Creating a real -time University-based National Ensemble – a use case for EarthCube? Michael C. Morgan Division of Atmospheric and Geospace ...

REAL-TIME DISTRIBUTION SUPPORT FOR RESIDENTIAL GATEWAYS BASED ON OSGi P. Basanta-Val, M. Garcia-Valls, and I. Estevez-Ayres Dpto. de Ingeniería de Telemática.

Periferico Sur 8585, Tlaquepaque, Mexico ... ing Matlab as a prototyping language, ... % AM DSB-SC modulation s = s.*cos(2*pi*5512.5* [0:Ts:Ts*880-Ts]);

OMNeT++ BASED MODEL FOR REAL-TIME MANET ... The use of Mobile ad hoc Networks ... HIL simulation with OMNeT++ but it could raise CPU and timing issues [5].

A Resource-Based Prioritized Bisimulation for Real-Time Systems Richard Gerber University of Maryland Insup Lee University of Pennsylvania,

Qing Chang ... e-mail: Guoxian Xiao e-mail: ... sys t = f TP 1 t, ...,TP m t 1 Here TP sys is the production line performance measure; and TP i is

Label-Free Real-Time Detection of DNA Methylation Based on Quartz Crystal Microbalance ... QCM is a mass sensor ... promoter sequences located within CpG islands ...

Lunar Laser Ranging (LLR) data are accurate ranges to retroreflector arrays on the Moon from several stations on the Earth. ... CERGA (France) • Now, APOLLO ...

A Robust Bond Graph Model Based Real Time ... *; Abstract- The bond graph (BG) is a modeling and simulation

cell-broadband-engine-based real time wavelet decomposition for hdtv video images and beyond ... fi g. 3: s chema tic dia gram of 2d fwt for cbe

Sliding Mode Control and Flatness-Based ... ( Asservissement Linaire d'Entre Autoroutie re ) ... The rst order sliding mode control of di erentially

Editor: Paolo Carbone, University of Perugia ... The compensation technique is applied to two dividers with different frequency behaviour. One is a pure resistive

Hierarchical Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Based Real Time Dynamic Operational Planning System Ahmed Mohamed, Hani Hagras, Sid Shakya, Anne Liret, Raphael Dorne and Gilbert Owusu