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CIAT offers a wealth of technological expertise and experience accumulated since the company was foun- ... Aerotherme GB.qxd 30/12/03 11:30 Page 2. Created Date:

A NEW EVALUATION SCHEME FOR CASSAVA BREEDING AT CIAT Hernan Ceballos, J.C. Pérez, ... 127 Time 1) Stage ...

POWERCIAT2 – CIAT's new 610-1350 kW eco-designed water chiller POWERCIAT2 is available in two versions – a standard ... Modbus/TCP-IP, LonWorks and BACnet


Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations – CIAT ... Dh ,KD^Yh d EK>K'1Y Optimization - taking full advantage of our resources (human, technological,

CIAT :un service client de qualité des caractéristiques de ses matériels - Compte-Fils Communication 07/03 sans équivalent. Doc 205X297bis 24/07/03 17:18 Page 1.

las plantas de su mandato, ... in pref:j~;; Lundc 11 1 19:1D: P.Lí:l-; ... dec ir-prep·3Tar alternativas en coord inac : ...

Technology for comfort ort and style ! ... B.P. 14 - 01350 Culoz France - Tél. : 33 (0)4 79 42 42 42 Aurea 2: the widest range of capacities

comfort becomes a reality COADIS Cassette is an independant terminal air ... 235/22 GV 540 2,85 2,28 8,64 4,02 900 41 100 MV 370 2,19 1,68 6,39 3,3 ou 32 78

P CSOCffiJ ,." Centro ln18fnaclonal ... VRV WF WTV Tanzama Agncultural Research Orgamzatlon Vmverslty of Anzona-Tucson, USA ... (CIAT) m Call, ColombIa was

Tropical Grasses and Legumes: Optimizing Genetic Diversity for Multipurpose Use (Project IP5) Project Manager: Carlos E. Lascano Fax: (57-2) 4450073 Email: c.lascano ...

collected from a random sample of 331 households in Vihiga and Siaya districts and ... Yields of major cereals were low. Common soil fertility constraints identified

comfort becomes a reality COADIS Cassette is an independant terminal air ... PV 150 0,97 0,73 2,75 1,39 1200 22 37 235/22 GV 540 2,85 2,28 8,64 4,02 900 41 100

Energy optimisation for greater purchasing comfort ... all your CIAT rooftop units • Controls parameters, alarms and logs. • Triggers an alternative scenario if

¡i ' F'o -',' ~"'! í"':J r.. ... CIAT African Workshop Series No. 23 ... provides total dietary protein in Burundi and Rwanda and forms a major supplement

... __ ~M~IC~R~O~A~L~M __ A_D_O ... textured soils with more than 1.200, mm rainfall ... The establishment of cassava ¡'esearch programs at CIAT has ...

The definite cost-effective solution ClimaCIAT airtop is a range of five standard models of air handling unit. With flow rates ranging from 0,3 to 4,7 m 3/s,

air handling unit climaciat airtech air conditioning - heating - refrigeration - air handling - heat exchange - na 08.524 a 1 air handling for all applications

2 … votre confort atteint l’excellence. Haute température & ... thermostat d’ambiance et interrogation des états de fonctionnement de l’équipement.

CIAT has developed a connection management programme so that you always benefit from the best cost/lead time trade-off. ... 01350 - Culoz - France Tel. : +33 (0) ...

Montage und Gehäuseanschluss 13 ... Allgemeines Das Regelsystem V30 ist ein Regelsystem von CIAT zur Ansteuerung nicht autonomer ... - Das Gehäuse des Major Line ...

Algerico M. Mariscal, Reynaldo V. Bergantin and Anita D. Troyo ... Hernan Ceballos, J.C. Perez, F. Calle, G. Jaramillo, J.I. Lenis, N. Morante and J. López . 2

The VEGA roof-top will be the solution to your problem ! The very large range of flows/pressures will allow you to select the model meeting your expectations !

CIAT 700 Avenue Jean Falconnier 01350 CULOZ, France Activities Sales and after-sales of heat exchangers, ventilation, air handling, refrigeration and air

de toiture CIAT, vous propose une gestion optimisée de vos besoins en climatisation pour tous les grands volumes : ... (MONTAGE MC) pour fonctionnement Free Cooling.

Anti-corrosion baffles Thermal insulation with polyurethane foam Water cooled condenser Copper tube network ... Anti-vibratil equipment – anti-vibratil mounts

La gamme airtech est constituée de 11 tailles pour traiter les débits d’air de 1 000 à 66 000 m3/h. ... CLIMACIAT concept représente

« CIAT Service a étendu son offre de service afin de vous apporter des solutions plus en adéquation avec vos besoins. ... catalogue service accessible en ligne et

– anti-vibratil mounts Electridal accessories : – proximity switch (for the seat mounting version) ... CORO. V E N T I L A T I O N - A I R H A N D L I N G ...

CIAT Val ley reports 100% ... major problem at present is transfer and maintenance of the ... $127. $4. $25. 93 49 34 49 Tape recorder and tapes EXPENDABLES ...

COADIS COMFORT ensures perfect heating and cooling in hotel and hospital rooms respecting air purity. c Filter dismounting and cleaning do not

The Microconnect control unit, off-set by a 2-wire connection, displays the parameters linked to ... The entire CIAT range of cased or uncased fan coil units, terminal

Drypack is a homogeneous system into which these components are integrated, ... are equipped wi h AQUACIS or AQUACIAT chillers. ... 600 31,7 Biogas flow rate ...

M_IC_R~?_F=_I_L .... M_A-:D_O_' _, ... tech¡lOlogical JJackages developed at CIAT would ... in.secticides and ene fertilizerl, price: $200/ha (US$5/hal. 3. Plant ...