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WORLD ETHICS AND CLIMATE CHANGE LEARNING GUIDE vi build on ideas in the book through additional thinking about its contents and by directing them to

Mom Andrew Parker 'L'ecrivain est quelqu'un qui joue avec le corps de sa mere [pour] ... I'll return shortly to this distinction between phallus and penis as a

Bread in the mouth, a vocable, then, too, though removed from all adoration, a name ... ondSe de signe adverse forage initial: signature and initials.

abstract Traditionally, Hume ... referring to power and vivacity of the impressions that we remember. ... Hume’s dual model of memory fits into this Vygotskian schema.

Deutschland (Almanya – Welcome to Germany, Yasemin Samdereli, 2011), Cenk, the seven-year-old grandson of the Turkish family shown on the cover

Introduction Sarah Bowen Savant and Helena de Felipe ... framework meant to explain the relationships among all Arab tribes and, more broadly, the history of humanity.

THE THEME OF ENNUI IN PASCAL'S PENSEES ... long catalogue of antitheses accumulates, ... edition of Louis Lafuma (Paris: Edition du Seuil, 1962),

Telepathy Jacques Derrida 9 July 19791 So, what do you want me to say, ... clearly, I am stalling je cale] a bit. Look, I'm trying je m'exerce]: suppose

No. 35, Spring 2001 Local Authority Grants Transport Policy Chief Constables Scottish Development Bank . SCOTTISH AFFAIRS publishes articles of concern

THE VERDICT ON MEURSAULT Is Meursault innocent? This apparently simple question is one of the most difficult to answer. Indeed, can we know what is meant by innocent?

MARINA VAN ZUYLEN It is surprising ... disorder that Pierre Janet described in L 'A utomatisme psychologique (1889) under the heading 'les existences psychologiques ...

L'IMPOSTEUR BIPOLAIRE 93 nous donne, a son insu, une presentation des plus defavorables du personnage, comme Ie note ironiquement La Letlre sur la comedie de l ...

Herbaud (René Maheu) about the sort of philosophy one ought to go in for. This comes before the Luxembourg gardens scene when she is to be taken apart by a certain ...

BALLETS FOR THE BOURGEOIS Margaret M. McGowan The ballet de cour, ... to see the Ballet des Féessince it had been invented by the duc de

152 CYRIL TRIMAILLE est maitre de conferences it l'Universite Stendhal de Grenoble (France). 11 travaille dans Ie domaine de la sociolinguistique qualitative,

Transcribing God’s Word 71. Transcribing God’s Word: Qur’an Codices ... layout and proportions used in transcribing individual bifolios like the one at Oxford

A SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY JACQUES RANCIERE` Books ... Politique et philosophie ... second edition (Paris, La Fabrique, 1998)

Apollinaire, Autumn Ill 135 Apollinaire, in a sort of decrescendo combined with a diminuendo apt to express a vanishing into the distance, rediscovers a technique

BOOK REVIEWS 109 Editorial Note ... Sources livresques et albums d’images, Paris: Bibliothèque nationale de France, 2012, 96 pp with 80 mono-and polychrome ...

Book Reviews 99 and development. If ... Gilad Atzmon, The Wandering Who? ... Gilad Atzmon’s book thus intrigued me for his attempt to unravel this notion of group

EDOUARD ROD AND THE NATURISTES For John Christie Although the life and work of the Swiss novelist Edouard Rod (1857-1910)1 has now become obscure, the quality and ...

MOLIERE AND THE DOCTORS Moliere often wrote about doctors. ... In the preface to Le Tartuffe, he actually states that 'La medecine est un art profitable, ...

Deleuze Goes to Xanadu ... namely Laplanche and Pontalis’s 1964 paper, ‘Fantasme originaire, ... Laplanche and Pontalis list a number of typical

SADE IN THE CORRIDOR ... pour seduire et corrompre les jeunes gens ... retour faire part a la compagnie des exces auquels il venait de se livrer.

remustered and marched on Edinburgh in the 'Whiggamore Raid'. Mr. Stevenson has filled out what has hitherto been little more than a footnote. So Fast to Ruin, by ...

From Narrative to Text Love and Writing in Crebillon fils, Duclos, Barthes Geoff Bennington Lis-moi, pour apprendre a m'aimer — Baudelaire

Literary Misunderstanding 95 with nets in which to catch the people they meet there. He knows that Madame de Sazerat is a fictional character. And this is precisely

Études écossaises ias bilingua ljourna(Frencl h and Englishon)Scottish studies, which was first published in 1992 by Stendhal University in Grenoble. The

Jaap C. Bosma Plan Dalet and the Contradictions of Zionism 211 Contradictions in Zionism Early Zionists longed for a state of the Jewish people. Unfortunately for

Une acceleration affolante Sean Gaston Sauter! ... [en le devancant le met devant]. The pre reduces the future to the form of manifest presence'.19 Hegel puts

Yeats, Vendler, and Byzantium Helen Vendler’s book, Our Secret Discipline: Yeats and Lyric Form, appeared towards the end of 2007.1 The book comprises chapters

Massine/Picasso/Parade Fig. 1. Leonide Massine as the Chinese Conjurer in Parade. Courtesy of Jerome Robbins Dance Division, The New York Public Library for the ...

244 JOURNAL OF BECKETT STUDIES way of representing what cannot be represented. ... Rey-Flaud, Henri (1996), L’éloge du rien. Pourquoi L’obsessionnel et le

REVIEW: MAKING IT WORK Alexandra Howson ... on women's position in the social structure ... more acceptabl fo youner g wome ton b sexualle y assertive and ther , ...