Opportunistic Pulmonary Bordetella hinzii Infection after ...

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(C. Dupin, F. Benezit, C. Piau, S. Jouneau, S. Kayal, B. Desrues); Institut Pasteur, Centre National de Référence de la coqueluche et

LETTERS Bordetella hinzii contact with birds (the genus level as a in Rodents, Southeast Asia To the Editor: Bacteria of the genus Bordetella are gram-negative,

Nacre, Caen, France (V. Cattoir) DOI: 120.3201/eid1704.101480. B. petrii Infection with Persistence in Human over 1 week to severe coughing with abundant purulent

B Benchaa O Danne Pneumologie, Centre Hospitalier du Vexin, Magny en Vexin, France S Stelianides NGruat Correspondence to: Dr C Bachmeyer claude.bachmeyer@ch-creil.fr

Les malformations artérioveineuses pulmonaires ... malformations around the right bronchus intermedius. Of greater concern was an unexpected dual blood supply to the

Imagerie de la tuberculose pulmonaire. Feuillets de radiologie 55(4): 206-230. 6. Hantous-Zannad S, Zidi A, Néji H, Attia M, Baccouche I, et al. (2015)

Pulmonary Function Tests for Pulmonary Specialists. Paul D. Scanlon, MD ... PFTs assist differential diagnosis in ... Tom is a 46 year old race car driver referred

Large pulmonary arteries and the control of pulmonary vascular ... myogkne dans les gros vaisseaux pulmonaires capacitifs et que la plus grande production de force ...

Transmission of Bordetella holmesii from 5 patients, and these were identifi ed as B. holmesii by recA gene sequencing. Patient 6 had been treated

Bordetella pertussis adenylate cyclase toxin translocation across a tethered lipid bilayer Rémi Venezianoa, Claire Rossib, Alexandre Chenalc, ... chopineau@unimes.fr.

Copyright © 2001, American Society for Microbiology. All Rights Reserved. Heme Utilization in Bordetella avium Is Regulated by RhuI, a

Andreas Grabner • Heike Horn • Godehard Friedel • German Ott ... G. Friedel Division of Thoracic Surgery, Klinik Schillerhoehe, Center for

Ordinary and Opportunistic Enteropathogens Associated with Diarrhea in ... * Aksatou Gukye-N’diaye, PharmD;” Rkmonie Seng ... *Institut Pasteur, ...

Infection Control: Source of Infection Infectious Disease Epidemiology Section Office of Public Health Louisiana Dept of Health & Hospitals 800-256-2748

department of health and human services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Early Release March 24, 2009 / Vol. 58. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

TDA 1041 SS 01/17 Before investing carefully consider the underlying funds’ objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. For a prospectus containing this and other ...

2" Nicole Benhamou,1 Gaêtan le Floch,2 Jessica Vallance3, Jonathan Gerbore,3 3" Damien Grizard,4 and Patrice Rey3 4" 1Centre de recherche en horticulture, ...

Abstract A new black yeast species, Exophiala xenobiotica, is described, a segregant of the Exophiala jeanselmei complex. It is morphologi-cally very similar to E ...

Occurring After Initiation of ... Pietro Vernazza, MD Enos Bernasconi, MD ... The de-cline was described by a log linear rela-

OPPORTUNISTIC EVOLUTION: ABIOTIC ENVIRONMENTAL ... interspecific competition. ... the fossil record of plants suggests that abiotic stress has been an impor-

MobEyes originally adopts the guidelines of locally generating summaries of sensed data and of ex-ploiting vehicle mobility and opportunistic one-hop

D2.2.1 General Architecture of the Mobile O oading System 1 Executive summary This document IS release A of deliverable D2.2, General Architecture of the Mobile Of-

Opportunistic sightings of killer whales from Scottish pelagic ... Les orques approchent les bateaux durant les opérations de tri du chalut, ... for many miles.

UE, which is set according to the user’s QoS requirements. Once ... (CNAM), 75003 Paris, France. P. Martins is with Telecom ParisTech, 75013 Paris, France.

ExOR: Opportunistic Multi-Hop Routing for Wireless Networks Sanjit Biswas and Robert Morris M.I.T. Computer Science and Artifical Intelligence Laboratory

Energy Efficient Opportunistic Network Coding for Wireless Networks Tao Cui, Lijun Chen, and Tracey Ho ... A hyperarc is a pair (i,J), where i, the start node,

A Guidance of Ambient Agents Adapted to Opportunistic Situations Ahmed-Chawki Chaouche1, Jean-Michel Ilie´2 and Djamel Eddine Sa¨ıdouni1 1 MISC Laboratory ...


Université de Mons Maintenance model 1. Cost parameters Penalties for crossing the thresholds

The Madagascan spiny-tailed iguana, Oplurus cuvieri ... pour l’Etude et la Conservation des Lémuriens) ... Contribution a l’étude des relations entre

Le present article contient un examen du fondernent biologique du synchronisme entre ... (< opportuniste >> dans le cycle de vie est comparable & la dorrnance des graines

PRINCIPES ET EXPLICATION DE LA METHODE ... Consulter le document « MODE D'EMPLOI GENERAL » pour ... E. Eldering, and W. L. Bradford. 1970. Whooping cough ...

Loomis Sayles Global Opportunistic Bond Fund NOVEMBER 2016 FUND FACT SHEET SHARE CLASS: R/D (USD) ABOUT THE FUND Investment Objective Achieve high returns through ...

From Spectrum Pooling to Space Pooling: Opportunistic Interference Alignment in MIMO Cognitive Networks Samir M. Perlaza, ... merouane.debbah@supelec.fr).