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DOCUMENT RESUME ED 379 049 JC 950 132 AUTHOR Fisher, Sylvia K. TITLE Enrolled Students' Evaluation of Miami-Dade Community. College Services. Research Report #94-10R.

DOCUMENT RESUME ED 379 054 JC 950 137 AUTHOR Fisher, Sylvia K. TITLE A Profile of Employed Students at Miami-Dade. Community College. Research Report #94-20R.

Title: Getting to Yes . Author: Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton . Year Published: 2011 (Third edition) Reviewer: Jeremy James, University of California

DOCUMENT RESUME ED 355 535 CS 213 739 AUTHOR Charles, Jim TITLE Of Mascots and Tomahawk Chops: Stereotypes of. American Indians and the English Teacher's

DOCUMENT RESUME. ED 389 946. CE 070 516. AUTHOR Losh, Charles TITLE National Skill Standards Projects: Their Influence on. State & Local Technical Education.

ed 350 776. author title. institution spons agency report no pub date contract note available from. pub type. edrs price descriptors. abstract. document resume. ec ...

ED 400 763 HE 029 612 AUTHOR Bonnette, Valerie M.; Daniel, Lamar TITLE Title IX Athletics Investigator's Manual. INSTITUTION Office for Civil Rights (ED), Washington, DC.

-DOCUMENT RESUME ED 358 773 HE 026 501 AUTHOR Jones, Elizabeth A.; Melander, Lynn TITLE Speech Communication Skills for College Students. INSTITUTION National Center ...

DOCUMENT RESUME. ED 239 236 CS 007 484 'AUTHOR f Anderson, Richard C.; Pearson, P.,David TITLE A Schema-Theoretic View of Basic Processes in Reading

DOCUMENT RESUME ED 320 808 SO 020 900 AUTHOR Paul, Samuel; And Others TITLE Educating Managers for Business and Government: A. Review of International Experience.

DOCUMENT RESUME ED 404 001 PS 024 936 AUTHOR Ataov, Anli TITLE Water as Part of Children's Environment and. Children's Preferences for Waterfront Settings.

DOCUMENT RESUME ED 353 028 JC 930 063 AUTHOR Kangas, Jon TITLE San Jose City College: Persistence of New College. Students from English 321, 322 and 330 through

AUTHOR Finleyrmen J.; Elman, Annalee TITLE A Computerized System for the Evaluation of. ... for the name, edition, form, level, and subtest of the tests used, the

Eric J. Belin de Chantemèle, Ph.D 1, Kenjiro Muta, BS 1, James Mintz, ... Protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B (PTP1B), a major new pharmaceutical target to

DOCUMENT RESUME ED 361 313 SP 034 702 AUTHOR Obach, Mifrando S.; ... menl do not necessarily represent eclat. OERI posibon or polity "PERMISSION TO REPRODUCE THIS

DOCUMENT RESUME ED 319 828. UD 027 415. AUTHOR Rong, Xue ran; Grant, Linda TITLE Ethnicity, Immigrant Generation Status, and School. Attainment of Asians, Hispanics ...

CS 214 640. Fang, Irving Writing Style Differences in Newspaper, Radio, and Television News. Monograph Series No. 1. Minnesota Univ., Minneapolis. Center for

DOCUMENT RESUME ED 355 513 CS 213 688 AUTHOR Dyson, Anne Haas TITLE "Whistle for Willie," Lost Puppies, and Cartoon Dogs: The Sociocultural Dimensions of Young Children's

DOCUMENT RESUME ED 382 252 JC 950 235 AUTHOR Seppanen, Loretta TITLE Bachelor's Degree Holders Enrolled in Washington. Community Colls. Research Report No. 94-4.

DOCUMENT RESUME ED 370 987 TM 021 575 AUTHOR Civil, ... April 4-8, 1994). PUB TYPE Reports Research/Technical (143) Speeches/Conference Papers ... itifbcrg eivp.

AUTHOR Culbertson, Hugh.)). TITLE The Neutral and Participant Perspectives--Do They. ... magasines. Atter ells same newspaper people such as David Halberstea have

DOCUMENT RESUME ED 380 852 CS 508 879 AUTHOR Bode, Robert A. TITLE Mahatma Gandhi's Theory of Nonviolent. Communication. PUB DATE Feb 95 NOTE 56p.; Paper presented at ...

AUTHOR Churchill, Stacy ... ova do nag noreesWit milltelerd ACM OEM odolsso POW. PROBLEMS OF EVALUATION OF EDUCATION ... organisateurs de l'Unesco. 1.

IR 018 301. Behrens, Matthis La telematique a l'Ecole ou de ... rience Edutex avait pour objet d'explorer le potentiel pedagogique et les limites d'un reseau telematique.

DOCUMENT RESUME ED 395 278 CS 012 439 AUTHOR Howell, Karen L.; Kardash, CarolAnne M. ... as a "schema" (Dole & Sintra, 1994; Kardash & Scholes, 1995) ...

DOCUMENT RESUME. ED 240 502. CS 007 460. AUTHOR Mangano, Nancy G. TITLE. The Effects of Teacher Explanation and Questioning. Patterns on Fourth Grade Students during ...

DOCUMENT RESUME. ED 424 931 PS 027 029. AUTHOR Cummins, Lauren TITLE Transforming Teacher-Directed Practice to Child-Initiated. Practice within a Treatment/Wellness ...

DOCUMENT RESUME ED 368 211 FL 022 017 AUTHOR Williams, Guy TITLE English for What Reason? Motivation and Needs. Assessment in Academic Intensive English Programs.

AUTHOR. Marsh, George; Desberg, Peter. TITLE Current Basic Research in Beginning Reading. PUB DATE Feb 73 NOTE. 20p.; Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the.

DOCUMENT RESUME. ED 362 228 JC 930 450. AUTHOR Langan, A. Bud; ... from 2.08 to 3.338 on a 4-point scale; ... with Academic Courses Taken in Math/Science 29

DOCUMENT RESUME ED 374 660 FL 022 374 AUTHOR El- Banna, Adel Ibrahim TITLE The Effect of Formal Grammar Teaching on the. Improvement of ESL Learners' Writing: An ...

DOCUMENT RESUME ED 360 042 PS 021 411 AUTHOR Kobayashi, Keiko ... famous scholar and Kamimura's college day mentor. Konishi was a professor of Pedagogy

DOCUMENT RESUME. ED 074 845 FL 003 936. AUTHOR Saad, Geti, Comp, TITLE Selected Bibliography of Educational Materials in. Pakistan, Vol. 5 No. 1, 1971: Period Covered ...

DOCUMENT RESUME. ED 359 202 TM 019 827. AUTHOR Guskey, Thomas R.; Passaro, Perry TITLE Teacher Efficacy: A Study of Construct Dimensions. PUB DATE Apr 93

DOCUMENT RESUME. ED 467 171 FL 027 335. AUTHOR Bartoli, Antonella Leoncini TITLE Tensions, ... dames protagonistes de La fee carabine ou les prisonniers dans La.

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Record Number: 16730 Author, Monographic: Heniche, M.//Secretan, Y.//Leclerc, M. Author Role: Title, Monographic: DISPERSIM 1.0a01: guide d'utilisation

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Title, Monographic: Chaulage des lacs : aspects écologiques et revue de littérature Translated Title: Reprint Status: Edition: Author, Subsidiary: Author Role:

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