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Lucida Casual exists in two versions only: medium upright and medium italic. You can still make it the default text font by giving the option casual to lucidabr.

Lucida Confidential 2 v7.9.03 SecurEdge™ Technical Overview Lucida SecurEdge TM SecurEdge™ is a powerful, high-value network intrusion detection and network traffic

Lucida Part No. SR4L002 Antennas for Wireless M2M Applications Product Specification DS-SR4L002-PS-1.0 Release date November 2015 Page 3

EFECTIVIDAD BIOLÓGICA In Vitro DE Tagetes lucida CAV, ... Cuachalalate, Nicotiana y el hongo macroscópico contra larvas de Copaxa multifenestrata en

ORIGINAL PAPER Pyrenes and pyrendiones from Uvaria lucida Masataka Moriyasu • Sousuke Takeuchi • Momoyo Ichimaru • Noriyshi Nakatani • Yumi Nishiyama ...

* Conforme alle norme ISO 12647-2 se utilizzata con stampanti HP Designjet serie 90 e Designjet 130/30, cartucce a getto d’inchiostro HP 84 e 85, carta professionale

Morinda lucida leaf and fruit extracts may attenuate diarrhea arising from ebola Adejo GO1*, Akintayo CO 2 and Obinna M1. 1Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of ...

.406. Antispermatogenic effect of Morinda lucida tracts in the treatment of various ailments is increasing, but its impacts on the reproductive system have not been