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MagTek S4 Steel Manual attack ... granted Level 4 certification in accordance with XP ENV 1627-30. The door is available with various levels of ballistic protection ...

EN 1627-30 Single/ Double 1150/ 2150 2130 80mm thick Solid MagTek A4-G Glazed MagTek A5-S Level CR5 to EN 1627-30 Single/ Double 1150/ 2150 2130 80mm thick Solid

SMI Server is an upgradable system consisting of several modules for managing all electronic security functions: access control, intrusion detection, CCTV systems and

GUNNEBO IN BRIEF. Security to Rely On ... processes, alarm systems and surveillance networks. Electronic Security ... brands such as Chubbsafes and Fichet-Bauche. EMEA

Gunnebo has created the MagTek S4, a security door designed ... Available under Espace 50-C name for Fichet-Bauche. OPTIONS • Automatic door closer • Handle

VisioCast Intelligent digital recording system A recorder server and video multiplexing matrix, the VisioCast ... 23, route de Schwobsheim Tel: +33 810 000 800

Tripod Turnstiles Tripod Turnstile for Public Transport Application The Tripod Turnstile operates around traditiional technology and is simple in operation yet ...

SMI SERVER Gunnebo has developed an integrated electronic security system based on its well-established know-how and solid experience with customers. OR YOUR LOCAL DEALER ... Specifications may be subject to alteration from time to time without prior notice. Fichet-Bauche logo is a registrated ...

Sold under leading brands such as Chubbsafes and Fichet-Bauche. Electronic Security ... alarm systems and surveillance networks. THE GUNNEBO GROUP Security to Rely on

23 route de Schwobsheim 67600 Baldenheim France Visiting address: 7 rue Paul Dautier 78140 Vélizy Villacoublay France Phone +33 810 000 800

Con ten s Th e G un b or p Th eY a rin B f 2 Co m en ts by h EO 4 ... 23 route de Schwobsheim B.P. 40 285 BALDENHEIM FR- 67606 Sélestat Cedex

Gunnebo Divests in France The Gunnebo Security Group has divested Fichet-Bauche Télésurveillance (FBT) via its French subsidiary, Gunnebo France, to Butler Group.

INVIKTUS by Fichet-Bauche Triple certification • Burglary (EN 1143-1 A2p), Fire (NT Fire 017 – 60 Paper) and Explosives (EN 1143-1 EX A2p)

• Fichet-Bauche’s patented Gradium composite for optimised weight to volume ratio ... • Integrated electronics for connection to any alarm system

Groupe Gunnebo en date du 2 mars 2009, mes principales mis- ... Le Groupe de sécurité Gunnebo emploie 6.400 personnes à travers 25 pays en Europe, Asie, ...

Standards EN 13123/124-1 They concern windows, doors and enclosures. Specification on and classification of tests performed with shock tube (2001).

PNEUMATICALLY DRIVEN NAILS page designation name ... Haubold Rn160R, Rn130R 21° 105 Hotachi nR90GR (gas), nR90a 21° 105 Hitachi nR90GC (gas), nR90aD 34° 101

CASH SAFES Fichet-Bauche Technology COMPLICE Complice derives its strength from double-thickness, ... As an option, Complice can be connected to your alarm system so

Nectra is a high-security electronic lock with over 111 million differ-ent code permutations. The lock is available in three models – Basic,

Anti-vandalisme pt1 / pt2 PT1 PT2 passe-BiLLets / monnaie Les passe-billets / monnaie permettent le passage de monnaie, billets, tickets et documents de

COMPLICE Premium protection for valuables in the home and office FBGB.6008.R5 CASH SAFES This is a non-contractual document. ... Nectra Basic. Created Date: