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Visoko and certain suburban areas of the municipality are covered by the city water supply system, which manages the PUC "Visoko“Visoko

VISOKO June, 2006 . Rules of Tender for Sale of the State Capital in the Company: “ KTK – Leather – textile Company d.d. Visoko Table of Contents 1.

Visoko, k.č. (cadastral plot) 1694 in the L.R. File 2275. This buildings is located in a residential-business area of the Visoko urban core, and according to the town

VISOKO GOSPODARSKO UČILIŠTE U KRIŽEVCIMA M. Demerca 1, 48260 Križevci,, tel: (048) 279-182, 279- 216, 681 597, fax: (048) 279-189

Visoko with Glozelian and other writings (Ancient Greek, Etruscan, Latin). The research is hard in general, because antiquity of findings. The writing signs found till